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Payment Plans Made Easy for Great Brook Students

Paying for your education is made easy for students and families through the services listed below.  Payment plans are the sensible approach to paying education expenses. They allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying your balance in one large lump sum.

Learn About our Payment Plans

A payment plan enables you to break your education costs into easy-to-handle monthly payments rather than pay for the entire semester or year in one large sum.

Payment plans offer:

  • a convenient payment option with no approval required to participate
  • easy enrollment process that can be completed online
  • payment schedules that reflect a typical bill paying cycle

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Click the button above to begin the online application process.  When you have completed the application fully, submit it for review by our administrative staff.


Administrative Review

Once you complete and submit your online application it will be automatically approved and you will receive notification that we have received and approved it. 


Make your First Payment

Your credit/debit card will be processed or your check or payment will be processed when it arrives and your account will be credited.  If using a credit/debit card, the card will be charged automatically with three payments staggered two (2) weeks apart until the full tuition amount is paid and processed.  You will receive email notification of approval and payment processing.  If paying by check, you must submit your second and third payments every two (2) weeks until all three payments are made and your tuition is complete.  Failure to make your payments is grounds for removal from the program.


Enroll in your Program

Once your first payment has been processed and you have used your enrollment code to register for your course, begin your program.  You will be required to keep up with all academic requirements of your program.