About Great Brook


Great Brook Academy began in 1995 out of a small office in Hillsborough, New Hampshire with a staff of two people, and it slowly grew into the organization that it is today.  Originally, the Academy did not have a teaching facility.  All classes were taught out of area fire stations and ambulance bays.  All education was conducted in lecture format as an online platform was not available.  However, the hallmark of the Great Brook Academy has always been our ability to utilize scenario based education and role play.  Over more than 20 years, our instructors have perfected the art of teaching exceptional learning outcomes through the use of first-hand experiential learning.  Today, we provide both hands-on learning, and online instruction that enables us to reach students with different learning styles that support and encourage success.

In 2019, Great Brook Academy obtained our non-profit status as an educational institution.  This next chapter will open the doors to new opportunities to help us meet our mission of providing high quality education at affordable tuition costs.  Great Brook Academy continues to forge ahead on the horizon with state of the art technology and proven sound educational theories in the classroom.  Our students are the benefactors of our hard work and dedication to health and safety education.

Our Mission

To provide education, resources, and access to courses that contribute to personal and professional growth allowing individuals to find jobs in New Hampshire.  We strive to decrease homelessness and help eradicate drug misuse by increasing access to education, and building professional skills in the State of N.H.

Our Educational Focus

Education courses are primarily in the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) field of expertise, such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Certification, Emergency Medical Response (EMR) Certification, and First Aid & CPR Certification, to fulfill the need for Emergency Medical Service technicians in the state. We continue to develop and diversify into other courses of interest in the future beyond EMS.

Key Of Success

Through the use of state of the art technology such as learning management platforms and the latest proven educational theory in our classrooms, Great Brook Academy pushes the bar higher to provide a rich learning environment both online and in the classroom.  Our experienced instructors help provide realistic learning opportunities in every program because they have worked in the field of which they teach.

Our Faculty

Faculty are the heart of any institution of higher learning, and that is particularly true at Great Brook Academy. We are proud of the distinguished educators who make up our faculty and of the excellence and commitment to their students they demonstrate in the classroom, laboratory, and in their role as mentors and advisors.

Through innovative teaching and dedication to professional excellence, our faculty provides the foundation for our distinction as a health and safety educational institution, and for our students’ successes. Their guidance ensures students will build problem-solving and collaboration skills that will enable them to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Scholarships with Great Brook

Great Brook Academy’s mission is to provide high quality health and safety education to our students and to increase the levels of pre-hospital EMS providers state wide.  Through our strong faculty, technology, and engaging curriculum we are able to bring education to students across our state.  Financial limitations should not be a barrier to someone gaining the knowledge that they deserve.  Great Brook Academy believes this and offers a range of scholarship opportunities to our students to help set them up for success.

Successful Alumni

Graduates from Great Brook Academy go on to have successful careers in pre-hospital emergency services.  Our alumni have taken up positions with municipal fire departments, private ambulance services, and law enforcement agencies.  Others have come to Great Brook Academy with the intentions of starting a new career such as our registered nurse to EMT bridge students.  The power of obtaining certification in pre-hospital EMS is powerful and impact-full not just for the individual, but for their community as a whole.

Providing financial assistance for EMS Providers

Our students provide lifesaving skills within their communities helping to make our towns and cities safer for everyone.

Education for Corporation Safety Teams

Our compliance programs help to provide high quality safety training in an effort to reduce workplace injuries and accidents.

Increasing Community CPR Education

Great Brook Academy helps to spearhead a community wide hands only CPR initiative in order to get as many bystanders certified in lifesaving CPR skills as possible to increase pre-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates.

Giving to Great Brook Academy

Great Brook Academy provides financial assistance through the facilitation of student scholarships to help ensure that no one experiences the inability to get the education and certification that they strive for and deserve.  The more our programs are available to students, the more certified medical personal there are in the community.  

Great Brook Academy also provides strong curriculum and certification for business and industrial purposes to establish and support in house safety teams and individual safety knowledge that can be practiced daily.  But we can’t continue to offer these programs without your help and support.