Campus Tour

Welcome to Great Brook Academy and thank you for your interest in taking this virtual tour with us.  Great Brook Academy is a recognized 501 (c)(3) educational institution.  Our mission is to provide as many certified emergency medical services individuals as possible in the State of New Hampshire.  Great Brook Academy is also committed to increasing health and safety awareness as well as supporting community CPR and first aid certification programming.  By increasing educational opportunities for first responders and the general public we will make New Hampshire a safer place to live and visit.

Our goal is to make available certification programs, continuing education courses, and community programming through our online platform.  Great Brook Academy understands the daily demands your life has over you and has built our school to help you achieve your goals with the flexibility you need.

Enjoy this virtual tour and learn about our easy online registration and student acceptance process.  Discover our robust curriculums which are designed with the latest educational methodology techniques.  Hear about all of the support that Great Brook offers our students through our experienced faculty and our office of academic affairs.

Great Brook Academy is what an online educational institution should be.  We hope you recognize that as well and choose us to partner with you in your educational en devour.  Don’t just settle on a school as a means to an end, demand the highest quality education and the strongest student support services.

At Great Brook Academy we have several different departments that all our curriculum falls into.  They are the departments of public safety, NCCP refresher and Scope of Practice, and Compliance and continuing education.  Each department is lead by a department chair. 

As a prospective student I would encourage you to review over all our courses and select the one or several courses that best fit your future goals.  Registering for courses with us is easy.  Simply select the program you want, create your online profile with us, and select your payment method.  Once you have successfully registered for the course you will be sent an email notification confirming your acceptance into the course or program.  You will have immediate access to your main student dashboard and your online classroom.  

Public Safety Department

The Public Safety certificate programs at Great Brook Academy offer strong educational curriculum and hands on experiential learning opportunities for students to obtain certifications in pre-hospital emergency medical services studies. Our students learn through a synergistic combination of online lessons and activities as well as through hands on learning via scenario based instruction and clinical internships with ambulance services and fire departments.

NCCP and Scope of Practice Department

The National Continued Competencies programs (NCCP) at Great Brook Academy offer strong educational curriculum and hands on experiential learning opportunities for students to re-certify their National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) certifications. Our students learn through a synergistic combination of online lessons and activities as well as through hands on learning via scenario based instruction.

Compliance and Continuing Education

Whether you are in need of compliance training for your place of employment or looking for continuing education to maintain your certifications, Great Brook Academy has you covered. Let us provide you with the education you need. Timely, convenient, and relevant is how you will hear our online courses described as. Great Brook Academy is a leader in online education and has been since 1995.
You don’t need to wait for a course to be offered on a particular date. As a student with Great Brook Academy you can enroll into a compliance training course or continuing education program at any time and complete it at your own pace with online open enrollment.

The office of academic affairs exists to provide our students with support, academic advising, organization of graduation requirements, and to assist with payment options and payment plans.  Our academic coordinator will work with you to ensure you have made the proper selections based on your personal goals, properly registered for your course and created your personal profile with us, help resolve any technical issues you may encounter with the online platform, help ensure documentation of your graduation requirements by filing out and submitting paperwork, working with your program coordinator and instructors to stay current with your course progress, handle any student transcript requests you may have, and to coordinate payment of your courses or guide you to our payment plan option and online application process.  The office of academic affairs is available to you on the weekdays during normal business hours.  Feel free to reach out to them for support or to answer questions at any time.

Our current student dashboard is the hub of our student activity.  This is where individuals come to log in to their current registered courses which are conveniently located and easily accessible.  Students are able to contact the office of academic affairs and submit help desk tickets as well as request information from our administration.

Students will also find a host of online academic support.  From tips to utilizing online learning to discussion forum best practices, information on scholarships, and time management techniques, we have you covered.  This is what an online institution should provide to its students.  

Here you will simply find your course materials and activities on the main page of your classroom.  No need to go searching.  And accessing your lessons is as easy as point and click.  Each resource will open, and you will be treated to self-explanatory navigation and directions on how to participate in or complete each learning activity.

Each one of our courses is designed with the latest educational methodology techniques to help ensure a high level of student learning and the ability to complete course objectives.  Our lessons are created to help our learners move newly discovered information from short term memory to long term or working memory so that it is not just memorized facts.  Our formative and summative assessments are constructed to challenge our students and encourage them to use the available resources at their disposal. 

Even though most of our programs are taught online there are those full certification programs that do require hands on skills lab evaluations buy instructors and lab technicians.  As you can see our students can not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get into the action.  All of our practical lab sessions are performed with student safety in mind.  We utilize small group settings and ambulance clinical ride times to meet all practical objectives.

The faculty at Great Brook Academy are second to none.  Each one has been selected for their years of experience and wealth of knowledge that they have in their chosen fields. 

There are instructors who work with the program coordinator.  Their responsibility is to teach and present the course material to our students.  This may be done in a multitude of ways to include online lectures, review activities, or face to face instruction in some cases.  Some of our instructors perform as lab technicians.  Their focus is to work with our students to perfect their hands-on capabilities and help them to perform with competency. These skills may be performed during scheduled one on one sessions with the instructor or lab tech or as part of the clinical experience if the course of instruction includes it.

All our full certification programs and EMS continuing education classes are approved by the NH Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.  All of our first aid and CPR courses are credentialed, and certification is provided by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

We don’t have to go to all of this trouble to be the best in the industry, but we do it anyway.  We do it because we know you have expectations of the school that will be the provider of your education and we do it because we have a reputation to uphold.  We have been in business since 1995 and have never waivered from our commitment to our students and alumni to strive to be the best.

Thank you for going on this virtual tour with me and I hope that Great Brook Academy will be the institution that you select to be the provider of your educational needs.