Local/State NCCP Requirements

Meeting the State/Local Requirements

EMS Providers are not just responsible for meeting the National NCCP requirements, but they are also required to complete specific State/Local requirements.  The amount of hours is listed below.  These are requirements that are set by the State EMS office.  These required hours and topics are in addition to the National NCCP requirements and the Individual requirements.

  • EMR State/Local hours required equal 4
  • EMT State/Local hours required equal 10
  • AEMT State/Local hours required equal 12.5

How and Where do I Get These Hours?

For New Hampshire EMS providers, you will obtain these hours directly from the State of NH Fire Academy and EMS resource center.  You will click the button/link below to be directed to the official state online learning management system.  You will be prompted to create an account on their system if you do not already have one.  Once you have created and confirmed your account, you will log in and complete the online education that they have set forth to meet the required hours.

What if I Need Technical Assistance With The State System?

As you are progressing through the State of NH Fire Academy and EMS learning management system you may have a time when you have a question or technical issue.  In order to obtain assistance you can click on the button/link that says “Request State Help”.  That link will open a help desk ticket directly to the State office and they will assist you from there.  Great Brook Academy can not assist you with State technical issues or questions as their curriculum is not part of our system.