Myths About Online Learning

Is Taking Online Classes is Too Hard For Me?

We are Helping to Remove the Mystery of Online Learning

Nearly 20 years ago the first online courses were introduced. Ten years ago, you started to hear about people earning their certificate programs online. Today, you probably know a handful of people who are getting a certifications online.

Yet, there’s still an air of mystery. Even though the benefits of taking online classes are evident, some students think that there still is a catch.

The Truth About Online Learning

You need to be a computer expert
Online learning is about learning not just technology. If you feel comfortable using a computer, have a general understanding of the internet, and can save documents you are already a fit for online learning!
Still, there are parts about using a computer that might make you nervous. That’s when technical support comes into play. Every training agency (whether on online or traditional) offers students technical support that can help you build the skills you need to take your class online.

We use Moodle as our online course system. Moodle is one of the most user-friendly systems that takes little tech knowledge to use. The intuitive design helps students feel confident so that they can focus on their classes. 

You will be isolated and have to teach yourself
In many ways, taking a class online is a lot like taking a class in a physical classroom. You are still required to complete assignments outside of class, submit them for grading, and have classroom discussions.

Along with getting instruction from your instructor, you will learn with your peers through discussion, video, and other applications designed for collaboration.

We hire instructors not only for their professional expertise, but also their ability to teach online. The technologies these instructors use are designed to be interactive. Tools such as online lessons, review activities, discussion forums, and video-conferencing make it easy for students to interact with their classmates and instructor.

Online learning is easier
Unlike the traditional classroom, online students have to participate in their class. You can’t skate through a course by just attending and handing in your assignments.

What is easier is the flexibility of your class schedule. You plan your time for coursework around your schedule. This independence is attractive to people who value their education, but might have other commitments that come first, like family and work.

Online certificates are ‘less than’
Great Brook Academy’s certificate programs are approved by the State of New Hampshire Bureau of EMS. The standards for online courses are the same for courses you take in a classroom.

Taking courses online to complete your certification has become ordinary at most every training agency across the nation. All you need to succeed is a computer, internet access, and basic word processing skills.

When you take a course online you are not alone. You are with a class of real people who are also working at home after tucking the kids into bed, finishing work emails, and between commercial breaks of their favorite TV show.

Were any of these misconceptions holding you back from taking an online course and finishing your certificate program? Were you surprised about some of the pros of online classes? Have you encountered misconceptions about online learning that you later found out just weren’t true?