New classroom facility on the way

Planning for new classroom facility begins

Great Brook Academy has obtained a lease for a new classroom teaching space at our 286 Henniker Street location in Hillsborough, NH.  This space will offer a full size open concept teaching space for lectures and hands on skills practice.  It will also offer a simulation lab complete with lab tables for manikin practice and a small SIM CITY where we can run training scenarios for students.  This will allow them to utilize lifting and moving techniques, go up and down stairs, extricate patients from simulated home settings, and work vehicle collisions all within the safety of a controlled teaching environment.

We are excited to be able to offer this new opportunity for our students.  This teaching lab will only enhance the robust educational programming that Great Brook Academy offers through the use of our blended on-line education.  We look forward to moving ahead with this project.  More information to come.  Watch our postings and our FACEBOOK for routine updates.

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